Jay Maisel

"If you are not your own worst critic, then you are your own worst enemy."


Jay Maisel Profile Shot

These are wise words said by Jay Maisel, American Color Photographer, native of Brooklyn, New York. Maisel did not begin his start in the arts as a photographer. As a matter of fact, he studied painting and graphic design at Cooper Union and Yale, respectively. It was not until 1954, when Maisel began his photography career. Being a native to a city such as New York, Maisel was able to master the art of street photography. His photos are not just a subject or background, Maisel takes all into consideration when it comes to his photography: light, colors, and because of his choice of photography, everyday life. For over 40 years, he has shot for advertising such as magazine covers, annual reports, and jazz albums.

Although it is nice to shoot for clients, Maisel has always stressed that you should also shoot for yourself. Whenever he was shooting for a client, he would walk around and shoot shots that captured his attention as well. He has shot for the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Miles Davis. In fact, his most reknowned image is of Miles Davis on the cover of Davis' album, "Kind of Blue." Maisel has earned awards such as "The Art Directors Club of Fame," "The Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Society of Media Photographers" and many more. Since the 90's, Maisel has stopped commerical worked and started focusing on his own personal work. Through this, Maisel has always become an inspirational teacher in photoworkshops.







"Kind of Blue" Miles Davis famous album and Maisel's famous image.







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