Favorite Photographer: Martin Scheoller

Martin Scheoller is one of my favorite portriat photographers.

Those he have worked with are:

Colin Ferrell http://pinterest.com/pin/24418022951211329/

Martin Scheoller http://news.vh-artists.com/?cat=8&paged=2

Why is Scheoller Amazing

Martin Scheoller is one of my favorite photographers. He specailizes in several similar portraits he shot of celerberities. His imagery inspires me with self portraits I do of myself. The way he choose to light his subjects and the face he has them give looks absolutely beautiful. A strong destinct face showing no emotion whatsoever. His portrait style is so Still and Calm, like a deer in the headlights. The lighting set-up is very simple yet dramatic, which I love. All the work of Martin Scheoller continues to amaze me. He will always inspire me to branch off and because more creative with my style of photography and it's lighting. I truly believe in having a dream and running with it.

About Martin Scheoller

In 1968 Martin Scheoller was born. Born and raised in Munich, Germany. As he grew up in Germany a guy by the name August Sander deeply influenced him. Martin was influenced by countless numbers of August Sander's photographed portraits of the poor and the working class. As Martin grew in age he became an amazing portrait photographer himself. From 1999 through 2008 Martin's honors through the years include his work with Communication Arts Photo Annual, the American Photography Photo Annual from 1998-2008, and many others. Martin Scheoller is a megnificent photographer, who I'm sure, works at his best in each and everyone of his photoshoots.